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Custom Burlap Tote - a crafty project in making your own single coloured, Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) ironed-on burlap tote bag. You will be introduced to the basics of pre...
Burlap Shopping Tote

The Burlap Shopping Tote workshop is an intermediate craft class with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).  The workshop features the lineup of Pop Culture Influenced designs presented in shimmering electric colours on natural burlap.

Demo on Preparing Designs
Participants will be introduced to the basics of preparing design digitally for vinyl cutting using a craft cutter..


Hands-on Vinyl Weeding 

The process of weeding and handling HTV is in itself a therapy session for most, requiring patience and concentration, instilling calmness and clarity through the process.  Take a break from your everyday life and come to our makerspace to de-stress!


Crafty Heat Pressing
Participants will be guided through the process of operating the heat press for the application of the heat transfer vinyl (HTV).  This process is less of a science and more of a crafter's experience.  You are encouraged to work through imperfections and make art.


Don't forget to give us your customisation options when you book the class!

Pick the Design:
(1) Straight Outta Groceries

     parodies "Straight Outta Compton".  

(2) Shop Small.  Support Local.

     parodies the Christine Dior embroidery totes.
(3) Got Lobang?

     parodies the "Got Milk?" slogan and mixes the

     Pop Culture meme with Peranakan style



Hip Hop Street Vibes


2 Hr Guided Making



Trendy Stylish Elegance

Shop Small.Support Local

2 Hr Guided Making


IMG_6432 2.jpg

Peranakan Meets Pop Culture

Got Lobang?

2 Hr Guided Making


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