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Makeso is created to foster the community of Makers and Crafters in Singapore. We aim to provide a friendly space for Creatives of all levels to design, make, learn, explore and share.

To promote maker culture here, we offer Workshop Classes for Makers and Crafters.  We host Craft Parties for celebrations, team-bonding, private & corporate events.  

We also strive to connect and support the Makers and Crafters Community Worldwide.  


Our Marketplace features our own line of craft tools developed and continuously improved by us who use them to create.  Our line of artisan products are projects we made with the equipment and tools we have at MakeSo and brought to the highest level by handcrafting.

Makeso embraces the SHOP SMALL - SUPPORT LOCAL mantra, in doing so we endeavour to provide small businesses with low minimum quantity branding and custom product opportunities.  We create brands and develop custom merchandise on-site.

We have invested in a lineup of equipments that are best suited for prototyping and small batch production.  Some are serious beasts but most are friendly to home-based craft rooms.  Meet them below! 


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